Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency

The Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) was constituted as a State Nodal agency in the 1984 under aegis of Dept. of Science and Technology. Govt. of Odisha with the view to popularize the exploitation and use of renewable energy resources in the State.

The mandate of the agency covers the entire gamut of renewable energy resources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass, Geothermal and Tidal Energy sources .
Known Renewable Energy potentials in the State:
Odisha from the point of view of its geographical location has been endowed with plenty of Renewable Energy Resources. The resource was estimated potentials and achievements are as under :--
Resource Potentials
Biogas Plants 6,05,500
Improved Chullahs 54,85,000
Solar PV power 14,000 MW
Small Hydros 156.76 MW
Wind Energy 236 MW
Biomass power 350 MW
Waste to Energy 28.5 MW


Policy Guide Line
Administrative Approvals
Summer Camps

Our Mission

"Promote Research, Development and Popularization of Non-Conventional and Renewable Sources of Energy. "

Our Vision

10% of all new power capacity addition for the period upto 2012, to caome from Renewable Energy(RE). feugiat.
Solar Lantern: Solar Lantern is a portable lighting device using Solar Photo-voltaic Power. Solar energy in the form of photons hit a doped semi-conductor or a solar cell to generate electrical potentials at two ends of the cell. This effect
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