Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency



Badri Narayan Patra
Hon'ble Minister, Science and Technology Department, Odisha and Chairman, OREDA

Shri Nikunja Bihari Dhal, IAS
Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Government, Science & Technology Department, Odisha

Smt. Roopa Mishra I.A.S.
Chief Executive, OREDA




The activities of the Agency are divided into different Divisions, on the basis of end-use applications, technology and activities.
The Divisions are headed by Director/ Joint Director/ Deputy Director.

Name of the Division

Programs/ Activities

Name of the Divisional Head

Contact No.

Administrative Division Office Establishment (Head Office & Field), Diary/ Despatch & Office Stationary , Legal matters, Accounts, Audit & Finance and Publicity(Training, Seminar, Work-shop) Er.B.K. Swain
Director (Admin) I/C
0674- 2586398 (O)
Technical Division Supervision & Implementation of all Technical activities/ schemes. Er. B. K. Swain
Joint Director (Tech.) I/C
0674- 2585898 (O)
Technical Division-I NBMMP/ NPIC/IREP/ART, Collection of Data from Web-site.SPV Systems i.e H.L.S/ S.L.S/ S.L/Solar Power Plant/ Solar Pump/ Solar Water Heating Systems/ Aditya Solar Shop, Er. B. K. Swain,
Dy. Director (Technical)
0674- 2585898 (O)
Technical Division-II GEF, Japan Aid Project, UNDP Project, SPLRE Programme, Institutional Energy Park, IREDA and BDA activities, Project conceptualization, Preparation, Presentation, follow-up for sanction, Execution, Gassifier, Small Hydel, Wind Energy, VESP, Waste to Energy Project, Bio-fuel Projects, Bio-mass Energy and Co-generation, CDM Projects, Energy Audit, Recovery of Energy, Power Generarion from Industrial & Commercial Wastes. RVEP Er. A.K.Choudhury,
Dy. Director (Technical)
0674- 2580554 (O)
Technical Division-III Maintenance & Renovation of OREDA Building including EPABX, Water & Electricity supply, Stores, Sale and Purchase of Materials of OREDA, Maintainance of OREDA Stores, BOV at Nandankanan Zoological Park ,SADP , BPEP, Solar Photovoltaic based pipe Drinking Water supply. Er. K.P. Koner
Dy. Director (Technical)
0674- 2585898 (O)
Administrative Division Establishment, DDG,RVEP Er. P.K. Beura
0674- 2585898 (O)