Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency

Biogas: Biogas is generated through the process of anaerobic degradation or Bio-methanation of organic wastes. It is a cheap, appropriate and eco-friendly fuel.The process of generation of biogas has the added benefit of a humus rich manure. The input generally used are cattle dung, leaves

Improved Chullah: Fuel-wood is a major source of cooking fuel. The traditional wood cook stoves require a fuel efficient and improved design as a conservation measure.Thus improved models while conserving fuel also improve the hygienic condition of the cooking area as they emit less smoke. These models are basically portable

Biomass Gasifier: The Gasifier produces an combustible gas through the process of thermo-chemical conversion of waste wood and other agro by-products. Instead of direct combustion of carbon-rich waste, the process restricts the quantum of air, oxygen specifically to generate Producer Gas composing of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.

Solar Lantern: Solar Lantern is a portable lighting device using Solar Photo-voltaic Power. Solar energy in the form of photons hit a doped semi-conductor or a solar cell to generate electrical potentials at two ends of the cell. This effect

Solar Street Light System: Lighting is an essential requirement of individual houses & community. Indoor & Outdoor lighting through Solar Photo Voltaic has effected the following types of systems


Solar Home Light System: Solar Home Lighting System or Solar Photovoltaic Domestic Lighting System is a solar-powered fixed light system, which gives omni-directional and purewhite light. It works on the principle of Solar Photovoltaic cells and while having no energy costs

Solar Water Heating System: Solar Water Heating is the process of heating water through solar energy. In the process the solar heat is captured by using black painted absorber plates. Water used as heat exchanger extracts this heat from the collector

Solar Distillation System: Distillation of fluid is undertaken with the help of solar heat. Accumulation of solar heat in a confimed space is made to evaporate water which is subsequently condensed. It can render saline water to clean water and can convert any type of

Solar Cooker: Solar Cooker uses sun's rays to cook food. Sun's heat is captured in a container using principle of black body effect, and cooks the food as it is done in an oven. Black painted food boxes are placed inside the collector keeping the food material to be cooked. It can undertake many types of

SK-Multipurpose Oven: This is a low cost stove cum oven having versatile use. It comprises a stove for complete burning of fuel for cooking. A box type heat exchanger for baking breads, cakes etc. & drying of food materials in a clean environment. This can be used as room heater.


Micro Hydro-Electric Project: To promote, support and accelerate the development of the small Hydro power projects by tapping the hydro potential available with the hilly/river stream, irrigation dams and canal falls in order to provide energy for the rural remote and far flung areas in a decentralized and environmentally benign manner.


Our Mission
"Promote Research, Development and Popularization of Non-Conventional and Renewable Sources of Energy. "

Our Vision

10% of all new power capacity addition for the period upto 2012, to caome from Renewable Energy(RE).

Cover all Remote Unelectrified Villages through Renewable Energy by 2012.
Accelerate use of Renewable Energy in all sectors of the economy.