Small Hydro Power

OBJECTIVES:- To promote, support and accelerate the development of the small Hydro power projects by tapping the hydro potential available with the hilly/river stream, irrigation dams and canal falls in order to provide energy for the rural remote and far flung areas in a decentralized and environmentally benign manner.

Reliable, mature and proven technology.
Can be exploited wherever sufficient water flows along small streams, medium to small rivulets, irrigation dam-toe/canal drop sites etc, over descent heads as low as 2m.
Does not involve setting up of large dams or problems of deforestation, submergence or rehabilitation.
No-polluting, entails bio wastes or production of toxic gases; environmentally benign.
Limited initial investments and short gestation.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR FINANCING : Attractive Loan assistance is available for private and public sector enterprises by IREDA. Incentive is available from M.N.E.S.


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