Solar Cooker

Solar cooker uses sun's rays to cook food. Sun's heat is captured in a container using principle of black body effect, and cooks the food as it is done in an oven. Black painted food boxes are placed inside the collector keeping the food material to be cooked. It can undertake many types of cooking, boiling, roasting, steaming etc., except for deep frying, cooking chapati. Food cooked in a solar cooker remains hot for several hours.

The Solar Cooker programme is a State and Central Govt. programme, which provides subsidy to reduce the cost of this innovative system of cooking. Various demonstrations and exhibitions are undertaken to popularize this solar device among the needy and energy scarce areas of Odisha.
Salient Features:
No fuel required for cooking.
Economical, appropriate and environmentally friendly.
Maintenance free and hot food for longer durations.
No burning or overcooking, thus supervision free operation.


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