Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern is a portable lighting device using Solar Photo-voltaic Power. Solar energy in the form of photons hit a doped semiconductor or a solar cell to generate electrical potentials at two ends of the cell. This effect is known as the Photo Electric generated by a series of solar cells or solar panel can be utilized for any applications which uses DC Electricity. Solar energy is available during the daytime and light is required normally at night thus a battery is associated for storage of the electric energy. A small battery with a light weight luminary makes it a portable model.

The solar lantern is provided with a financial subsidy from the Central and State Govt. This process provides illumination without ecological disturbances of any sort. Publicity through exhibition and demonstration are utilized to generate awareness of these modern and self sustained energy devices.
Salient Features:
No fuel required, thus economical, pollution free.
Stand alone operation. thus no supervision is required.
Maintenance free, thus cheap even on the long run.


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