Bio Gas

Biogas is generated through the process of anaerobic degradation or Bio-methanation of organic wastes. It is a cheap, appropriate and eco-friendly fuel. The process of generation of biogas has the added benefit of a humus rich manure. The input generally used are cattle dung, leaves, straw, human excreta etc. In the present context it is produced in a Biogas plant and gobar being the common input material it is called a "Gobar Gas Plant".

The National Project on Biogas Development(NPBD) is implemented through OREDA functionaries by the DRDAs at the field level. The Central Govt. promotes the programme by providing various financial incentives like Subsidy for Construction, Turn Key Fees, Promotional Incentives, Training Programmes and Demonstration etc.
Salient Features:
Convenient cooking fuel and/or lighting process.
Improved hygiene in the kitchen and rural sanitation of the area.
Also applicable as a dual fuel in engine for power generation or water pumping.
Prevents deforestation & environment degradation.
Output slurry is a fertile, rich organic manure.




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