Biomass Gasifier

The Gasifier produces an combustible gas through the process of thermo-chemical conversion of waste wood and other agro by-products. instead of direct combustion of carbon-rich waste, the process restricts the quantum of air, oxygen specifically to generate Producer Gas composing of Carbon MonoxideHydrogen as main combustible. The gas is used in dual fuel engines for power generation / water pumping. It is an appropriate method to utilize waste for running engines.

It is a centrally sponsored scheme with the Central and State Govts. subsidy.Awareness generation us undertaken through the process of demonstration and exhibition of the devices. It is an innovative process of producing local electricity for community/individual needs or for agricultural activities.
Salient Features:
Appropriate utilization of agro waste thus cheap and efficient process.
Wide range of applicability as in dual fuel engine thus a renewable and decentralized source of rural energy.
Maintenance free and long lasting.
Conservation of conventional fuels.





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