Improved Chullah

Fuel-wood is a major source of cooking fuel. The traditional wood cook stoves require a fuel efficient and improved design as a conservation measure. Thus improved models while conserving fuel also improve the hygienic condition of the cooking area as they emit less smoke. These models are basically portable and fixed designs. The Improved chullah give an efficiency in the range of 20 to 30%.

The Improved chullah programme is the 20 point National Programme and a centrally sponsored programme. It is implemented in Odisha through the DRDAs by certain reputed NGOs. Central Govt. provides various financial incentives like subsidy for construction, training programmes and means for employment generation in rural areas.
Salient Features:
Fuel conservation and reduction in deforestation.
Low emission of smoke and soot thus, more hygienic.
Generation of more heat thus reduction in cooking time.





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