Remote village Electrification Programme


*The Ministry of New and Renewable Sources had identified in 2002 through an independent study, 6374 remote unelectrified villages in the State which may be taken up for electrification through Non-conventional Sources of Energy

*Meanwhile several of these villages have been electrified through the conventional grid

*A large number of these villages have now been proposed to be undertaken under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutkaran Yojana and Biju Gramya Jyoti Yojana
*The final list of villages to be electrified through non-conventional energy sources to be supplied by the Energy Department, Government of Odisha is not available
*Till now the State Government has sent a list of 1018 villages of which only 578 villages are physically available for electrification through non-conventional energy sources (This list is again being verified)
*The final list  of villages to be electrified through non-conventional sources of energy is to be submitted to MNRE by December 2007 after which the Ministry would presume that no more villages are to be undertaken by Odisha under RVEP





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