Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency

Our Mission

"Promote Research, Development and Popularization of Non-Conventional and Renewable Sources of Energy. "

Biogas: Biogas is generated through the process of anaerobic degradation or Bio-methanation of organic wastes.

It is a cheap, appropriate and eco-friendly fuel.

Solar Cooker: Solar Cooker uses sun's rays to cook food. Sun's heat is captured in a container using principle of black body effect, and cooks the food as it is done in an oven.

Improved Cart: From the time, wheel was invented, mankind has utilized Draught Animal Energy in different commodities like

Our Vision

10% of all new power capacity addition for the period upto 2012, to caome from Renewable Energy(RE).

Cover all Remote Unelectrified Villages through Renewable Energy by 2012.

Accelerate use of Renewable Energy in all sectors of the economy.

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