National Biogas & Manure Management Program (NBMMP)

It has been one of the major programme of OREDA right from its inception.

Biogas which is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide is obtained when any organic matter is decomposed in the absence of air. This is usually done in a specially designed masonry structure called the biogas plant. Biogas being combustible can be used to meet various energy needs like cooking, lighting, motive power etc. The spent up slurry that is obtained at the end of the decomposition process is nitrogen rich manure.

A normal domestic biogas plant of 2 cum/day capacity can provide enough cooking gas for a family of 5-7 as well as 2 tons of dry manure per year. Thus the entire investment on a biogas plant can be recovered within one and a half year.

Biogas plants are usually constructed with locally available building materials like bricks, sand, cement etc. by trained masons.

Our state has a potential of 6.05 lakhs domestic biogas plants against which 2.00 lakhs have been installed till now.

More than 70 NGOs and a thousand masons are involved in implementation of this programme.

Odisha is one of the leading states in the country as far as the biogas programme is concerned. OREDA has bagged two Gold Shields during 1995-96 & 1999-2000 for best overall performance at the national level.




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